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About us
We offer highly skilled agile teams for delivery of software products and platforms for greenfield and startup projects.
We work within the field of fintech, internet-of-things (IoT) and related domains. We have many years of commercial experience with banking, IoT and blockchain platforms.
Our senior developers each has more than 15 years of professional experience within programming, automation, DevOps, security, infrastructure etc.
Our junior developers are highly educated software engineers and motivated to learn new things.
Our main office is located in the Copenhagen Fintech Lab near the center of Copenhagen and our branch offices are found in Sankt Petersburg, Russia, and Novi Sad, Serbia.
Each team will be staffed by a lead developer located in Copenhagen and a team located in Sankt Petersbrug or Novi Sad. Together with the customer we will drive a proven agile process which will allow you to enter the market with your product in a very short time span - typically 6-8 weeks. In parallel we build the platform needed for continous delivery to ensure that your software product can grow steadily and hit the market with new features every second week. We call it 'incubating software'.
We are looking for a young ambitious developer who wants to be part of a great development team implementing cutting-edge software projects in Denmark working from Serbia. We can offer truly interesting projects involving blockchain technologies, internet-of-things solutions etc. We offer attractive working conditions and salaries. The company is in an early phase, so you have the chance of making an efficient career together with us. The company has offices in Copenhagen and Novi Sad.
You should have a master degree in computer science, software engineering or similar. You should have reasonable english speaking skills. It will be a great advantage if you have iOS development experience.
For further information please contact us at
Case: Building a private blockchain at NewBanking
The team delivered a payment solution built on blockchain technologies and integration with an external KYC API.
The team built the platform from the ground up in only two months allowing us to demonstrate a production credit card payment for a live audience. The investors were very satisfied and we could take our business to the next level.
The team was dedicated and hard-working and I can sincerely recommend it as a partner you can trust to build your next software product and platform.
Christian Visti Larsen
CEO, NewBanking ApS
At NewBanking we set out to build a software platform integrating a private blockchain with a KYC flow provided by a third-party vendor.
The solution was built on a NodeJS stack and an open source blockchain technology combined with a Postgres database. A responsive web app was built using React.
Amazon was used as cloud provider. We delivered a platform for agile software development including continous build and deployment (using Jenkins and other technologies), automated test with high coverage, log aggregation (using the ELK stack), monitoring (using Nagios), Kafka for high-volume messaging and secure network configuration. Access to the infrastructure was managed by Active Directory in the cloud.
All components of the solution were wrapped in docker containers and the entire solution could spin up ready for development on Mac OS, Linux OS or Windows 10.
Incubating software
You have a clear vision for how to build a successful business.
We have a clear vision for how to build an agile and scalable software platform.
Together we can grow the right software to fit your business.
We call it incubating software.
Sprinting software
Everything we do is a sprint. The first inception of your new software product is a sprint. The delivery of an important new feature is a sprint.
A sprint is always delivered on time. A sprint delivers predictable and anticipated results.
A sprint is nothing more than two weeks of focused work. It is focused on bringing out the next features for your business.
We call it sprinting software.
Case: Building an internet-of-things platform at Scanbur A/S

"The team delivered high quality software covering all parts of a complex IoT platform. All sprints were delivered on time and each sprint produced working software
The team delivered an entire software platform for a complex IoT platform covering remote Linux devices, secure connections to the cloud, a .NET-based backend and a responsive web app. The team also implemented a very modern infrastructure for operations and agile development practices such as automated deployment and configuration management, log aggregation, powerful monitoring of both cloud and remote devices, network segmentation, firewalls, VPN-connections, Active Directory, Multilingual support and many other neat features of the platform as a whole.
The team delivered high-quality code with automated test procedures of the entire web application across a wide range of device and browser types.
The team works by agile principles and practices. Each new sprint consistently delivered new features transforming short user stories into production-ready software features.
Finally I will mention that this result could not have been achieved in the very short time frame available without the outstanding leadership, continuos high pace, clear guidance on possible solutions and tools as well as a unique ability to cut through the multitude of possible detours to keep focus on 'first things first'."
Bo Salling
Udviklingschef, Scanbur A/S
At Scanbur A/S we were asked to build a brand new IoT platform to manage various life-science appliances from a central cloud platform. The cloud platform was built on Windows Azure and the IoT-devices consisted of beagleboards. To make this platform work we built a platform using technologies such as Azure IoT Hub, Python, .NET (Core), Angular, the ELK-stack for log aggregation, Nagios and Zabbix for monitoring, Jenkins for automation and VPN-networks for remote deployment.
Over a period of 6 months and approximately 12 sprints we delivered a full-blown IoT solution complete with a fully functional responsive web application (SPA) together with an infrastructure offering continuous delivery, high coverage by automated testing, monitoring, log aggregation and multilingual support across cloud and IoT-devices.
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For business inquiries and more information about Coziv please contact
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